Required parameter $sCondition follows optional parameter $sAlias


    public function join( $sType, $mTable, $sAlias = '', $sCondition ) {


        $aJoinType = array('left'=>'LEFT JOIN', 'right'=>'RIGHT JOIN', 'inner'=>'INNER JOIN', 'full outer'=>'FULL OUTER JOIN');
        if ( !isSet( $aJoinType[$sType] ) )

Stack trace

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core/classes/skAutoloader:110 skAutoloader::attachFile()
core/classes/skAutoloader:133 skAutoloader::autoloadFromNamespace()
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build/Component/orm/TablePrototype:38 skewer\build\Component\orm\Query::SelectFrom()
build/Component/SEO/Api:36 skewer\build\Component\orm\TablePrototype::find()
build/Page/Main/Module:218 skewer\build\Component\SEO\Api::get()
build/Page/Main/Module:87 skewer\build\Page\Main\Module::setSEO()
core/classes/skProcess:149 skewer\build\Page\Main\Module::execute()
core/classes/skProcessorPrototype:210 skProcess::execute()
build/classes/PageProcessor:194 skProcessorPrototype::executeProcessList()
build/classes/PageProcessor:133 PageProcessor::executeRootProcess()
core/classes/skProcessor:164 PageProcessor::runApplication()
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Streitlein International Trade GmbH

Tel. +49 7351 6564

Fax +49 7351 9389

Riedlinger Strasse 42
88400 Biberach
  • Veneer & Laminate Equipment

    we do offer for the veneer and laminate industry various products such as

    - gummed tape and glue thread
    - veneer cutting and slicing knives
    - parting agents
    - cutting and jointing tools and machines
    - edge banding equipment

  • Machines

    machines for production and service of tools, as well as  machines for the wood working industry

    - grinding machines for tool service & production
    - welding machines for band saw blades
    - log band saw machinery
    - electric woodworking hand tools
    - second hand machines for woodworking industry

  • Tooling

    all kind of tooling for the wood & metalworking industry like

    - band saw blades
    - circular saw blades
    - machine knives
    - drills, mills & cutters
    - diamond tooling

  • Spares

    we do offer original spare part supply for most of the European machinery as well as OEM spare parts like

    - transport belts and toothed belts
    - ball bearings and drive systems
    - machine specific spares
    - controls

  • Saw Shop Accessories

    we do offer everything needed for the professional saw shop such as

    - measuring and testing equipment
    - abrasives (classic and diamond)
    - machines & tools for maintenance
    - tungsten tips & bars, stellite®, silver solder

Streitlein International Trade GmbH

Your partner in Europe and Worldwide

Streitlein International Trade GmbH is partner of the woodworking industry worldwide. Knowing what is needed in tools, spare parts, accessories, machines and equipment we have contacts to all important European factories and can you provide with everything needed.

Excellent relations with many large and smaller manufacturers allow us to provide you with earlier quotations and preferential treatment, resulting in best prices and fast deliveries.

The One-Stop-Shop

To provide our customers with quality products and the best service possible, we offer you a so called One-Stop-Shop. Supplying only genuine and original products, we also take care of everything regarding your orders. Consolidating shipments for you from different manufacturers, arranging the packing and transport, you save money with fewer freight charges, less packing costs, less bank charges, less customs and of course less work.

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Riedlinger Strasse 42
88400 Biberach
Phone +49 7351 6564
Fax +49 7351 9389


Required parameter $strings follows optional parameter $token


    protected static function format($string, $token = null, $startLine,  &$strings) {

        $style = (!is_null($token) && isSet(self::$tokens[$token]))?

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