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SW 2000

SW 2000 Hydraulic Tension Rolling Machine


  • High strength, welded construction.
  • Hydraulic pressure with pressure preset function.
  • The rolling process is controlled by encoder and does not depend on the saw diameter, i.e., after exactly one revolution the machine stops automatically. This prevents under or over rolling.
  • Stable sawblade mounting assembly with spindle driven gear motor for advancing and reversing movements.
  • The hydraulik motor shuts off on completion of rolling process, preventing unnecessary heating of the hydraulic fluid.
  • Rollers do not begin turning until sufficient rolling pressure has built up.
  • The machine is started by foot operated switch and may be stopped at any time and position.

SW 2000 Hydraulic Tension Rolling Machine


Combination top/side runout and tension testing.


Technical data  
Max. saw blade diameter: 2000 mm
Min. saw blade diameter: 500 mm
Max. diameter of rolling zone
distance, i.e. reach from outer diameter
to the rolling diameter
600 mm
Min. rolling diameter: 260 mm
Rolling speed: by potentiometer adjustable
Rolling pressure (pre-selectable): up to 200 bar, approx. 8 to.
Power (rollers): 2,2 kW
Power (hydraulik pump): 2,2 kW
Dimensions: Width: 900 mm
  Depth:   2700 mm
  Height:  1300 mm
With tension test divice: Height:  1800 mm
Weight: 1480 kg

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