Required parameter $sCondition follows optional parameter $sAlias


    public function join( $sType, $mTable, $sAlias = '', $sCondition ) {


        $aJoinType = array('left'=>'LEFT JOIN', 'right'=>'RIGHT JOIN', 'inner'=>'INNER JOIN', 'full outer'=>'FULL OUTER JOIN');
        if ( !isSet( $aJoinType[$sType] ) )

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core/classes/skAutoloader:110 skAutoloader::attachFile()
core/classes/skAutoloader:133 skAutoloader::autoloadFromNamespace()
build/Component/orm/Query:60 skAutoloader::autoload()
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build/Component/orm/TablePrototype:38 skewer\build\Component\orm\Query::SelectFrom()
build/Component/SEO/Api:36 skewer\build\Component\orm\TablePrototype::find()
build/Page/Main/Module:218 skewer\build\Component\SEO\Api::get()
build/Page/Main/Module:87 skewer\build\Page\Main\Module::setSEO()
core/classes/skProcess:149 skewer\build\Page\Main\Module::execute()
core/classes/skProcessorPrototype:210 skProcess::execute()
build/classes/PageProcessor:194 skProcessorPrototype::executeProcessList()
build/classes/PageProcessor:133 PageProcessor::executeRootProcess()
core/classes/skProcessor:164 PageProcessor::runApplication()
/homepages/42/d21261150/htdocs/canape/index:45 skProcessor::runApplication()
Veneer Cutting. Veneer and Laminate Equipment. Streitlein GmbH

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88400 Biberach

Veneer Cutting

CNC controlled Veneer Cutter

CNC controlled Veneer Cutter

Enter the world of CNC controlled Veneer Cutting and take advantage against manual work: Increase of productivity, reduction of labour costs, no unnecessary work, automatic - quick - precise, inexpensive, uncomplicated and every work is 1:1 what you designed.

  • Fixing surface from 600 x 500 up to 1200 x 1500 mm
  • Cutting surface from 350 x 290 mm up to 1040 x 1250 mm
  • Material fixing with suction table
  • Repetition exactness of +/- 0,015 mm
  • Cutting Speed up to 30 mm/s
  • Cutting performance Veneer 1,5 mm; card 2mm; Material independent up to max 3mm

C 049 K

C 049 K Automatic Laminate & Veneer Cutter

Automatic Slitter manufactured to cut strips from laminate, plastic, veneer and other light non metallic materials. Clean splinter free cuts of any dimensions. No additional work is required. Equipped with wheel spacers, special for laminates, a movable cutting guide and a scale for an easy adjustment of the cutting wide.

C 015 L

C 015 L Manual Laminate & Veneer Cutter

Strip cutter for laminates, quick and easy to use. With it you obtain a clean splinter - free cut with no waste. Cuts plastics, laminates and veneer. Cutting depth can be adjusted with micrometric measure and it has a guide on a millimetre scale for easy adjustment of strip width

Radzi Combi

Radzi Combi

For size cutting and flush cutting of all projecting edges of veneers and foils up to a thickness of 1 mm. Can be used with or without the fence. Cutting blade with 4 edges. The unit comes with 10 spare blades.

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Required parameter $strings follows optional parameter $token


    protected static function format($string, $token = null, $startLine,  &$strings) {

        $style = (!is_null($token) && isSet(self::$tokens[$token]))?

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